Real Estate Photography

Let us help you to create a beautiful first hand impression of your home if you want to sell your house and move on to something different ....


In Il Bel Paese, I work directly with real estate agents and property owners, especially within the Agriturismo business. In Italy, the market is saturated with poor quality images and there is a big opportunity to stand out in croud by utilizing top quality images.
I have business trips to Italy on regular basis and feel free to contact me, if you need the highest quality in real estate and vacation / agriturismo photography.

Most of my work is performed in Denmark, where my clients are some of the largest real estate agents in the country. All real estate assignments in Denmark is performed in cooperation with DIAKRIT - the largest photo agency for real estate agents in Scandinavia.
Feel free to contact me, if you need the highest quality in real estate photography.

Real estate photo-graphy for sellers and vacation properties


Details and overview - it all matters in presentation of your home.

Our goal is visually to present your home as true and honest as possible without distracting elements.


Cozy living is the dream we want to sell - to sell a home or a vacation where it's nice to be and just enjoy life.

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