Portrait, Lifestyle & Real Estate Photography

My approach and aesthetic preference is embedded in each image I provide. We'll discuss the concept and location, yet I ask your full trust on the rest.

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I try to observe people & find their unique traits

A dane in his best age, who live La Dolce Vita and working with his passion; photography ... The camera is the perfect tool to brake the ice, to meet new people on a daily basis and hear their story - I'm not in for the money, but I love all the stories ...

As the headline states, I have tried it all; babies, families, weddings,

you name it ... Now I focus on business portraits, lifestyle images for Getty Images and Real Estate images for the largest agents in Denmark ....

Real Estate



Images created for Real Estate agents and property owners. I help with styling of your home.

Content created for your blog, website and social media. I help with location, models and outfits.

In studio or at your preferred location. This package includes up to 30 edited photos.

From €325

From €150/Hour

From €100/Hour

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How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?


Process time of images depends on the specific project, but for most commissioned assignments the images are ready with 1-2 weeks. I am open for special rush hours fee, if you need your images with 24-48 hours.

Can I share my images for commercial purposes?


Your images is for personal use only or business commercial use only. If you have special licensing requirements, let's talk about it.

I don't have posing experience, will you guide me?


Reach out to me if you have more questions or would like to find out more about the process. I'm open to hop on a call.

Yes, I have great experience with guidance of people in front of the camera and know which poses, that brings the best out of you. I will also give you recommendation about styling and what clothes to wear on the shooting day.

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