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Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve photographed babies, families, weddings, products, real estates, headshots and ...

Ciao ! I'm Anders - a Dane in his best age, who live La Dolce Vita and working with his passion; photography ... The camera is the perfect tool to brake the ice, to meet new people on a daily basis and hear their story - I'm not in for the money, but I love all the stories ...
As the headline states, I have tried it all; babies, families, weddings,
you name it ... Now I focus on business portraits, lifestyle images for Getty Images and Real Estate images for the largest agents in Denmark ....

The camera is just a tool - the real skillset is empathy and the ability
to meet people where they are in
their lives ...

I'm an exclusive photographer at iStock / Getty Images and you can buy my images there ...

Commercial images in 2021 is a volume business - No company hire a photographer any more to create general purpose images ... Instead they buy images in volumes at Getty Images and other agencies

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